What M S Swaminathan says now!

According to the book – “Environmental Concerns and Sustainable Development: Some perspectives from India” by Sakarama Somayaji and Ganesha Somayaji –

“The side effects of the excessive use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides are increasingly visible in the form of declining productivity, resistance to pesticides, widespread land degradation, and groundwater pollution”. Last year (seems in 2009), the state government drew up an ‘agro promotion programme’ based on the recommendations of a committee headed by eminent agricultural scientist M S Swaminathan pointing out that fertilizers and pesticides accounted for the highest input costs, it advised the government to encourage organic farming.”

Do you know who is M.S. Swaminathan? He is known as the ‘Father of the Green Revolution in India’. And the introduction of high-yielding varieties of seeds and the increased use of ferrtilizers/pesticides and irrigation are known collectively as the Green Revolution!!

Yeah! It seems over a period of time M S Swaminathan’s views have changed. It’s our turn now to choose and promote organic food for our and our environment’s benefit.


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